Baking Layout



I first started baking when I was 10 and I loved it so much that when I was 13 I set up "Hil's Home Bake" - my first ever business! I would spend hours making cakes and biscuits for my customers who would pretend they had made them themselves! Ha! They were really tasty I have to admit.


Since then my little business has gone from strength to strength and as well as supplying customers directly for a variety of occasions, I now also supply my cakes to  many of the most popular coffee shops, restaurants and baked goods retailers in Liverpool. 

Many of you would have already tasted my awesome cupcakes and so now I have introduced a whole new range of cakes, bakes, cookies and CAKESICLES

You can indulge guilt free in all of my treats as I only use fresh, natural ingredients and they are all baked by hand. That's why they look and taste sooo good! 


 I can also produce gluten free or allergen free cookies, cakes bakes and cupcakes to order. 

So go on, treat yourself, friends and family and order some of my yummy treats!